Conference Date: June 7-9, 2021

Registration is now open!
(deadline for presenters to register is May 17)

Welcome to the website of the 2021 micro Flow and Interfacial Phenomena (µFIP) conference. µFIP emerged in summer 2020 from an interdisciplinary research community that comprised the executive committee, including some of the founding members, of the “International Conference on Microchannels and Minichannels” (ICMM), organized annually since 2003. Current and past organizers include Patricia Weisensee (US), Yoonjin Won (US), Satish Kandlikar (US), Peter Stephan (DE), Evelyn Wang (US), Yuri Muzychka (CA), Amy Betz (US), Saeed Moghaddam (US), Nenad Milkjovic (US), Norbert Kockmann (DE), and others.

Image courtesy of Norbert Kockmann

The scientific objective of µFIP is to bridge phase change and single phase heat transfer, multi-phase flow, bio-chemical and bio-medical engineering, and microflow processes in energy applications with the unifying component of microchannel flow or microscale surface phenomena (e.g., droplets, thin films, etc.). Our program provides a unique opportunity for researchers in interdisciplinary topic areas to exchange ideas and discuss future directions, in both fundamental and applied sciences, with academic and industrial leaders. The µFIP conferences are intended to provide an active platform for exchange of information and identification of research needs in this emerging area across multiple length and time scales. Based on this purpose, we introduce a new track called “emerging technologies for microscale flow and interfaces”, which will highlight data-driven physics, artificial technologies, machine learning tools, and extreme computing models.

Due to the uncertainty regarding travel during COVID-times, the conference will be held fully virtual as a 3-day, single-track event on June 7-9, 2021, and will include plenary presentations, oral keynote presentations, a student abstract competition for the opportunity to give a keynote presentation, student poster presentations, as well as multiple networking opportunities via breakout sessions. Abstract submission deadline was 1/31/2021 and authors have been notified on 3/10 on their selectrion. For more information, please visit the “Program” and “Abstract Submission” tabs.

Image courtesy of Nenad Miljkovic